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Roll cassette

We have provided roll cassette to 2# galvanization line and 308 galvanization machine of Bao Steel.


We also supply different cassettes to Shougang Group, Tai Steel, Wu Steel, Pan Steel, etc.

For several of tension levelers we designed in these years, we are the largest special factory in this field.


The unique design of roll cassette makes changing rolls and cassette more easily and shortens stop time largely. For example, one company shortened its stop time from 4 hours to less than one hour after using our cassette.


Except to roll cassette for tension leveler, Boya manufactures cassette for heavy plate mill.

Boya produced 11-roll and 7-roll roll cassettes of heavy plate mill for a steel company.  The working process is conducted in view of SN200 standard and supervised by SMS. Boya has received QC supplied by SMS.


Boya is also able to provide maintenance services for roll cassette of heavy plate mils. After rebuilding, the mill will bring more benefits for customers!

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